Grassfed Lamb Produced In Louisa County

We are working with Katahdin and St. Croix sheep to produce tasty and healthy meats for Richmond and the central Virginia area. Our flock of sheep is growing, out on pastures, guarded by our Great Pyrenees named Storm and Levi. Our ewes lamb in spring. Our lamb availability is seasonal, normally for sale late fall and winter. Whole lambs can be purchased. Contact us for whole lamb prices. Individual cuts can be bought. Prices for individual cuts are below.

ewe and lamb

Pastured Lamb Prices

individual cuts per pound

  • ground lamb 12

  • loin chops 22

  • rib chops 22

  • kabob meat 12

  • shoulder roast 10

  • leg, boneless 16

  • shanks 10

  • rack of ribs 22

  • neck 10

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