Grassfed Beef Produced In Louisa County, Virginia

Our beef is 100% grassfed and grass finished

Dragonfly Farms offers all natural, all grass-fed beef to the Richmond, Virginia area. Our cattle are adapted and selected thrive on grass alone. They graze our pastures in Louisa county, as we practice planned rotational grazing and regenerative farming to improve our environment, enhance our community, and support our family. We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We do not use hormones or steroids. Our cattle are never fed any grain. They graze diverse pastures of fescue, orchard grass and clovers, native warm season perennial grasses and annual mixed plantings. For optimum health and quality, they are raised in a low stress environment with every consideration given to their overall well being.

It is important to us that we properly finish our cattle on grass. This produces well marbled, tender and flavorful beef. We achieve this with management intensive grazing, quality pastures and improved genetics. A finished beef is not a certain age or weight, but a certain condition, or state of fatness. This occurs around 22-28 months of age. We then dry age our beef for at least 10 days to further enhance tenderness and flavor.

Consuming grass fed beef has several health benefits. Meat from grass-fed cattle has more vitamin E and C, beta carotene and health-producing fats such as Omega 3’s and CLA’s. We believe grass-fed beef is not only delicious and healthy, but farming cattle in this way is beneficial to the animals themselves and the environment.

We aim to have our beef available year round. Please contact us to check on availability or if you have questions.


Grassfed Beef Bulk Prices

While you may buy individual cuts of meat, our beef is also available by the whole, half and quarter steer or a 25 pound family pack. A family pack is $235 for 25 pounds of mixed cuts including steaks, roasts and ground beef. A quarter steer is $750 for 80 pounds of beef. A half and whole steer is $4.50 per pound of hanging weight plus butchering. A whole steer can be 500-600 pounds of hanging weight. Butchering is additional and will be around $500-550 for a whole steer depending on the weight of the animal and how you have the beef cut. The cuts are individually wrapped in plastic vacuum pack and frozen. See below for a list of approximate cuts and quantities of each that comes in a quarter. A half and whole steer can be customized to your preference.

Cuts And Quantities In A Quarter Steer

  • t-bone steaks- 3

  • porterhouse steaks- 3

  • sirloin steaks- 3

  • rib steaks- 5

  • london broil- 2

  • brisket- 1

  • round roast- 3

  • sirloin tip roast- 2

  • chuck roast- 5

  • stew meat- 1

  • short ribs- 2

  • soup bones- 2

  • ground beef- 22

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