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Regenerative grazing

 producing the best beef and lamb while improving soil quality, wildlife habitat and the environment.


The words sustainable, holistic and regenerative are popular right now, but what do they mean when used to describe beef production? At Dragonfly Farms we are using management intensive mob grazing techniques to achieve these ideas. By frequently moving our herd through small paddocks, we are allowing the pastures enough time to rest and grow before the animals come back and graze it again. This type of grazing allows the grass to remain truly healthy, avoiding the stress of overgrazing. The grass develops deep roots that allow the plant access to a wider field of nutrients, making the grass more nutritious for the cattle. The deep roots also make the grass more drought resistant, allowing for healthy grazing even in times of diminished rainfall. The constant plant cover of our soils helps retain moisture in the ground and it moderates the soil temperatures, keeping them much cooler in the summer. With healthy deep roots present, we do not need to spread chemical fertilizers to feed the pastures. As the herd moves through the smaller paddocks they are less selective and graze a wider variety of grasses, forbs and browse. They also trample the plants that they do not eat. This process increases the soil mass and fertility through decaying plants and cow manure and decreases our need to use petroleum powered tractors to clip pastures for weed control. This system of growing large amounts of biomass, grazing and trampling it a few times a year and letting it fully recover between grazing increases the organic matter in the soil, which sequesters carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. All of this leads to a habitat that is healthier and inviting for wildlife species and produces a well finished beef animal that has had access to chemical free pasture from the day it is born until it goes to the butcher. We move our animals daily, so they are very used to people and lead a stress free life. We believe that our humane, environmentally responsible, regenerative grazing approaches give us the best possible grassfed beef. If you have any further questions, please check out our links for more information about regenerative grazing. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have by phone or e-mail.

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Grassfed Beef

From our cattle grazed in Louisa county, our grassfed and grass finished beef is available by the individual cut or in bulk orders.

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Horse Boarding

If you are looking for information about our veterinarian owned retirement and lay-up horse boarding business, check out our other website.

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